2019 Finalists

Ximo Abadia

Ximo Abadía, Spain

Le Potager. Published in Switzerland by La Joie de Lire in 2017; Chinese edition published by Duku in 2018

Oil pastel and watercolour

Somon Ahn

Somin Ahn, Korea

Square’s Dream. To be published in Korea by Changbi in early 2020

Pencil, acrylic & Photoshop


An Zhe, Taiwan, China

Black Horse

Multimedia and ink

所有的动物醒醒  The whole jungle wakes up with the sun

Anna Aparicio Català, Spain

Wilbur Can’t Sleep. To be published in Spain by Nube Ocho in 2020

Digital and Photoshop

Monica Barengo

Monica Barengo, Italy

Tea. Published in Taiwan, China by Grimm Press in 2018

Graphite and digital colour


Dale Blankenaar, South Africa

Quill Soup.  Published in the United Kingdom by Tiny Owl in 2019

Spray paint, gouache and digital

5 Farewell to Africa

Beatrice Cerocchi, Italy

Jane Goodall—Pequeña y Grande. Published in Spain by ALBA Editorial in 2019

Gouache and pastel

3 阳朔县  Yangshuo

Rômolo Eduardo D’Hipólito, Brazil


Mixed media


Stefano Di Cristofaro, Venezuela

Conejo y Conejo. Published in Venezuela by Ediciones Ekaré in 2018

Mixed media

Anna Fadeeva

Anna Fadeeva, Russia

About the Metro

Watercolour and Photoshop


Philip Giordano, Italy

Les Saisons. Published in France by Milan in 2018


Gua Jila

Gua Jila, China

Cats of the Song Dynasty. Published by China Friendship Publishing House in 2019

Photoshop, watercolour and pencil

Gui Tuzi

Gui Tuzi, China

Big Boat

Mixed media

Emily Haworth-Booth

Emily Haworth-Booth, UK

The King Who Banned the Dark. Published in the United Kingdom by Pavilion in 2018

Charcoal, conté crayon, pencil, ink and watercolour

He Xianrui

He Xianrui, China

Seeking What You Cannot Have Forever


Gosia Herba

Gosia Herba, Poland

5, Bubblegum Street. Published by Egmont Poland in 2019

Colour pencil

Parvin Heydarizadeh

Parvin Heydarizadeh, Iran

Uninvited Guests

Acrylic and collage

Guilherme Karsten

Guilherme Karsten, Brazil

Aaahhh! Published in the United Kingdom by Thames & Hudson in 2019

Digital illustration and collage with pencil textures

Puck Koper

Puck Koper, Netherlands

Where Is Your Sister?  Published in the United Kingdom by Two Hoots, Macmillan in 2019 

Ink and digital screen printing technique

Kin-Choi Lam

Kin-Choi Lam, Hong Kong, China

Journey to Mars

Ink, mono-print, screen print and digital collage

Taltal Levi

Taltal Levi, Israel

Ein Fingerhut Voll Mut. Published in Switzerland by NorthSouth Publishing House in 2019

Colour pencil, graphite and digital painting

Li Jingxin

Li Jingxin, China

A Forest Party

Photoshop, watercolour and pencil

Liang Linghui

Liang Linghui, China

Ming’s Bubble

Colour pencil and watercolour

Lu Lili

Lu Lili, China

Journey to Zhoushan

Gouache, Watercolour and colour pencil

Eva Mastrogiulio

Eva Mastrogiulio, Argentina

The Plan. Published in Argentina by Calibroscopio in 2019

Paper collage, pencil, oil pastel and graphic marker

Laura Merz

Laura Merz, Finland

Among Fascinating Creatures. Published in Finland by Etana Editions in 2019

Ink drawing, oil pastel drawing and digital composition (Photoshop)

Paweł Mildner

Paweł Mildner, Poland

Worth Laughing. Published in Poland by Warstwy in 2018

Ink and pencil drawing, paper cut-out, Photoshop

Daniel Montero Galán

Daniel Montero Galán, Spain

A la Vista. Published in Spain by Libre Albedrío in 2017

Marker pen on cardboard, retouching and digital composition

Veronica Neacsu

Veronica Neacsu, Romania


Pencil, marker, emobossing/debossing on paper with printing press and collage

Miguel Pang Ly

Miguel Pang Ly, Spain

Mister Black. Published in France by Les Fourmis Rouges in 2018


Marta Pantaleo

Marta Pantaleo, Italy

Le Tigri Della Malora. Published in Italy by Orecchio Acerbo in 2019


Sabrina Pérez

Sabrina Pérez, Uruguay


Graphite, stencils, rubber and digital colouring

Tania Rex

Tania Rex, Lithuania

Mister Corner. Published in Lithuania by Nieko Rimto in 2019

Photoshop and pencil drawing

Zack Rock

Zack Rock, USA

A Good Story. Published in the United States by Creative Editions in 2017


Veronica Ruffato

Veronica Ruffato, Italy

The Ugly Duckling. Published in Italy by Zoolibri in 2018

 Watercolour and gouache

Felicita Sala

Felicita Sala, Italy

Grandpa’s White Hair. Published in Italy by Zoolibri in 2017

Watercolour, gouache and pencil;

Eva Sanchez Gomez

Eva Sánchez Gómez, Spain

The Middle


Dani Scharf

Dani Scharf, Uruguay

Dog’s Life

Mixed media

Marco Somà

Marco Somà, Italy

The Seller of Happiness. Published in Italy by Kite Edizioni in 2018

Pencil and digital collage

Vanina Starkoff

Vanina Starkoff, Argentina

A Song for the Trees, Published in Italy by II Leone Verde in 2017

Acrylic and digital

Maria Titova

Maria Titova, Russia

The Fabulous Moscow Residents

Handmade stencils with some digital correction

Vendi Vernić

Vendi Vernić, Croatia

The Menagerie. Published in Spain by Ediciones SM in 2019

Coloured pencil, ink, watercolour, tempera and acrylic paint, brush pen, highlighter, ballpoint
pen, pastel and collage

Maria Vyshinskaya

Maria Vyshinskaya, Russia

Painted Apple

Gray pencil and Photoshop

Martina Walther

Martina Walther, Switzerland

Alberta’s Treasures. To be published in Germany by Kunstanstifter Verlag in 2021

Collage, pencil, crayon and gouache

Wang Ning

Wang Ning, China

Gorilla and Banana

Mono print and gouache (fluorescent red)

Wu Feifei

Wu Feifei, China

Smog Engulfs Beijing


Wu Peng

Wu Peng, China

A Travel

Colour pencil, watercolour, gouache, collage and oil pastel

Xu Yu

Xu Yu, China

We Have a Great Time

Watercolour and gouache

Zhao Niaor

Zhao Niaor, China

Monster on the Move

Acrylic paint and watercolour

Zane Zlemeša

Zane Zlemeša, Latvia

Beeep Beep

Gouache and pencil